Site terms and condition

Using this site constitutes your binding acceptance of the following terms, including any future modifications that are made. Modifications are made periodically and without prior notice; please refer back to this page for updates. Concept Frames is the owner of this site ( and all text, graphics, photos, and other material used on this website. You are free to use the services provided and view the content on this site. Content from this website cannot be used in any other purpose without expressed permission from Concept Frames Logos, photos, and images cannot be downloaded, saved, modified or redistributed without permission from Concept Frames.

We have the right to take any of the following actions at any time and for any reason without giving you prior notice.
  • Change this document (Site terms and condition).
  • Restrict or terminate your access to all or any part of our services.
  • Change or discontinue all or any part of our services.
  • Change, move, or delete any content that is available on our site.
Any information submitted to this site can be used by Concept Frames at our sole discretion without prior notice. Please see section "How we protect your privacy online" for more information.

Any information downloaded from our website must be used in conjunction with Concept Frames only. Third party usage is not allowed, we will not be held responsible for errors or damages caused by usages of any content provided on this site to a third party.

Order or Quote submittals

Any purchase orders or quote submittals created on our site will be forwarded to one of our Sales Staff. An identical email will be sent to you for review. Please make sure all information is correct. By submitting this information you agree that all information is correct and accurate. Information provided will be used to process your order or quote. No information will be modified or deleted by Concept Frames. All information is considered a purchase order or a quote and will be processed as is. You can make changes or cancel an order at any time by calling our Sales Staff; fees may apply.

Additional fees may apply, including, but are not limited to the following:

  • If changes to an order require the current items (products) to be remade from scratch.
  • Hardware additions to items.
  • Adding new items to an order.
  • Cancel an order or items of an order while items are considered Work In Progress (WIP).

How we protect your privacy online

Any information collected on our website or support will not be shared with another entity. We strongly believe in trust as the foundation of all our business relationships. Concept Frames will never sell or give your information to another third party. Our distributor section is secure with a password and information access is limited to the user. For security, distributors can change their username or password at any time. Browser sessions will time out after a set period of inactivity. This means you will have to log in again to regain your session or rights.

Information collection

We may collect one or more of the following information based on your session or contact.

  • Personal information (Email, Name, Phone, Fax)
  • Company information (Website, Name, Phone, Fax, Address)
  • Computer information (IP address, Browser, Visits)
  • Emails to or employees
We may use the information collected to contact you or send promotions. We are not liable for any information stolen physically or electronically, see section "Limited Liability". By visiting our site and using the services and features that we have made available, you consent to our Terms and Conditions, and you consent to our collection and use of information in the manner which we have described.

Public Distributor Information

If you are an active Concept Frames distributor, your information is made available publicly on our "Find a Distributor" section. Your information is provided so visitors can have access to the closest distributors. We do not charge a fee for providing your website or contact information on this section. The information listed may not be accurate. If you are the distributor and wish to change or update your information, please call us. If you wish to remove your information from this section for any reason, please call us at 888-234-9455.

Limited Liability

Concept Frames is not liable in any way for damages caused in connection with this site, the usage of this site, or with linked sites from our website, whether or not we are made aware of the possibility of such damages. Damages include, but are not limited to: failure of any electronic or hardware equipment, unauthorized access, email spamming, transmission of any virus, malicious software or harmful codes that may affect a user’s equipment or software, information stolen physically or electronically. Sites linked are not investigated or monitored by Concept Frames