Hollow Metal Doors

Concept Frames hollow metal doors can be manufactured from 18, 16, 14, or 12 gauge, phosphatized steel sheets. You can purchase your custom and quick ship hollow metal doors from the same reliable source of custom and quick ship frames you’ve used for over 30 years. Our doors are fabricated to your specifications, offering full flexibility to your design demands.

Custom Hollow Metal Doors

  • Custom

    Custom hollow metal doors are manufactured with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Our capabilities allow for us to fabricate doors that can match your current openings or replace old doors with the same design and hardware functions. Call us for more custom applications, almost anything is possible with our custom doors.

  • Radius

    Add interest and distinction to your openings using our custom radius top doors. We fabricate radius and can include different features to meet your design specifications. Our custom radius doors can be manufactured on our “quick ship program”.

  • Custom Lites

    Lite cutouts and lite kits can be fabricated in numerous shapes and patterns. Lite kits can accommodate 3/16" to 1" thick glass for 1 3/4" thick doors.

  • Emboss

    Our embossed doors provide the strength of steel with the design of a typical wood door. Concept Frames current line of embossed doors include a 2 panel and a 6 panel design. For a different look, we can cut out an embossed section for a glass or louver opening.

  • Step Panel

    Step down panels provide depth to a flush door. We can accommodate most patterns, shapes or sizes.

  • Inset Panel

    An inset panel provides even more depth to a flush door than a step down panel.

  • Wicket

    A wicket door manufactured by Concept Frames provides functionality as well as security. Call us for more design opportunities.

Door Profiles

  • Hemmed Edge

    Hemmed edge doors can be specified with a visible edge seam or a seamless edge. Doors can be manufactured with a beveled or a square edge. Hemmed edge doors are available in a range of thicknesses from 1 3/8" to 2 1/4" (see fire rating limitations).

  • Butted Edge

    Butted edge doors, like hemmed edge, are available with a visible edge seam or a seamless edge and can be manufactured with beveled or square edges. Butted edge doors are available in 1” through 2 ¼” thicknesses (see fire rating limitations).

  • Rabbet Edge

    These doors are typically designed for a paired opening. The rabbeted edge is an alternative to using an astragal to close the gap between two doors. It provides a much cleaner and solid look, in addition to allowing for a more secure opening and better protection from weather. These doors cannot be fire rated.

  • Custom Edge

    Custom edges can be manufactured with different angles for a variety of looks. Please consult our Sales department with your design ideas. Custom edge doors cannot be fire rated.

Hollow Metal Door and Panel Cores

  • Steel Stiffened

    Steel stiffened cores add strength and durability to the door. Stiffeners are made from 22 gage steel and bent 4" wide. We weld each stiffener to the face of the door with a 6" maximum spacing between each stiffener. The area between stiffeners is filled with fiberglass insulation for sound deadening. Doors with this core can be fire rated. See tech data sheet.

  • Expanded Polystyrene

    Expanded polystyrene is a lightweight plastic foam core which is resistant to moisture, rot, and mildew. Maximum door size is 3'-6" x 8'-0". Polystyrene core doors are available with fire ratings. See tech data sheet.

  • Temperature Rise

    Our temperature rise core is a inorganic based composite core with fiberglass sheeting on both sides. Doors can be sized up to 4'-0" x 8'-0". Evaluated to UBC 7-2 (1997), UL 10C (1998) and NFPA 252. Vision lites of 100 square inches are approved up to 90 minutes. See tech data sheet. See tech data sheet.

  • Marinite Panel

    Marinite insulation board is formed from calcium silicate with inert fillers and reinforcing agents, is non - asbestos and fire resistant, therefore, Maranite panels are used to make our fire rated panels. Marinite panels are 5/8" thick and the maximum size available is 4'-0" x 8'-0". See tech data sheet and fire rating limitations.

  • Insulated Panel

    Concept Frames can provide an insulated panel using foam board insulation. These panels are 11/16" thick panel and are available up to 4'-0" x 8'-0".

Primed and Ready

Ready for paint! All doors are manufactured using A60 galvanealed sheet steel; this minimizes cleaning time while still allowing for sufficient adhesion of our premium, direct to metal primer to each completed door.

Every door is inspected for quality assurance before packaging.


We ship doors the right way! We use 4" x 4" wood runners that extend beyond the tallest door and each skid is secured with metal banding. When shipping multiple doors on the same skid, we place cardboard spacers between the doors to protect the skins. All door skids are shrink wrapped for protection.

Doors can be manufactured and shipped as fast as one day and delivered to the jobsite or your warehouse.

Fire Rating

Core Max. Width Max. Height Min. Thickness
Single Swing1 Steel Stiffened 48" 120" 1.6875"
Standard Pairs2 Steel Stiffened 96" 120" 1.6875"
Double Egress Steel Stiffened 96" 120" 1.6875"
Single Swing Polystyrene 36" 84" 1.6875"
Single Swing, Standard Pair, Double Egress34 Temperature Rise 48" 96" 1.75"
Oversize single swing and standard pairs5 Steel Stiffened 60" leaves 144" 1.75"
Stainless Steel Single Opening6 Polystyrene 42" 86" 1.6875"
Stainless Steel Standard Pair6 Polystyrene 84" 86" 1.6875"

Hover over numbers for more information. Download Tech Data

Fire Rated Door Lite Kits

Max. Visible Area Max. Visible Width Max. Visible Height Glazing Materials
3 hour 100 sq. in 12" 33" Listed and labeled Firelite, Firelite NT, Firelite Plus and Firelite IGU
90 minute 2034 sq. in 36" 56.5" Listed and labeled Firelite, Firelite NT, Firelite Plus and Firelite IGU
60-90 minute7 100 sq. in 33" 33" Listed and labeled wired glazing materials
20-60 minute 3204 sq. in 36" 89" Listed and labeled Firelite, Firelite NT, Firelite Plus and Firelite IGU
20-45 minute 1296 sq. in 36" 54" Listed and labeled wired glazing materials

Fire Rated Door Facts

  • Multiple lite kits allowed if the total visible area is equal to or less than maximum area shown.
  • Lite kits shall be listed and labeled for use in fire doors or manufactured by Concept Frames.
  • Concept Frames fire rated doors are available with polystyrene and steel stiffened cores.
  • Every door is manufactured using corrosion resistant A60 galvanealed steel.
  • Flush metal top caps and closer reinforcements are standard on all doors.
  • Fire rated doors can be prepared to receive any fire rated exit hardware or locks.
  • Positive pressure rated doors do not require additional edge seals.
  • Concept doors incorporate flexibility to meet design and hardware requirements. Every door is custom-made to your specifications.

Accessories & Miscellaneous

  • Shelf

    Add more functionality to Dutch Doors with our hollow metal shelves. Our unique shelves can be fabricated with radius corners for a safer opening and a superior look. See tech data sheet.

  • Astragal

    Close your door gaps with our astragal. Astragal's can be welded, screwed on, or shipped loose. Each astragal is drilled, countersink, and primed. All fire rated paired openings will require a flat or Z-astragal. See tech data sheet.

  • Panel

    Our custom hollow metal panels can be fabricated with a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns. Panel thickness can range from a basic sheet metal to door thickness. Panel cores can contain a 3/8" fire resistant Marinite board, 1/2" insulated board, steel stiffened, and polystyrene. Panels can be welded in place, set in place with glazing or panel clips. See tech data sheet.