Hollow Metal Frames

Concept Frames manufactures hollow metal frames using 16, 14 and 12 gauge phosphatized steel sheets. This provides for better primer adhesion and retardation of rust formation. Frames are prepared to receive hardware required in accordance with your hardware schedule, templates and HMMA tolerances.

Custom Hollow Metal Frames

Custom designs and quick shipments are Concept Frames specialty. When we say custom we mean custom. Visit our frames showcases to view some previous custom built frames for inspiration and our capabilities.

Frame Construction

Frames can be knocked down or set up and welded at the customer's request. For oversized frames or getting frames through tight spaces, frames can be spliced into multiple sections for field welding or mechanically spliced for field assembly.

Primed and Ready

Ready for paint! We clean and apply a premium, direct to metal primer to each completed frame. Each item is inspected to ensure quality before crating.


Ready when you are! We can ship our products in one day or up to one month depending on your order size and necessity. With the use of wood crating and metal banding we protect our products from damage during shipment. To prevent any lost transit time, we can ship directly to the job site or your warehouse, local customers can pick up products directly from our shipping dock.

Fire Rating

Rating Max. Throat Max. Width Max. Height Max. Overall Width Max. Overall Height
3 sided frame 3 hour 13" 96" 120" n/a n/a
Double Egress1 3 hour 12" 96" 96" n/a n/a
Multiple openings 90 minute 12.5" 96" 94" 152" 96"
Knockdown with compression anchors 90 minute 3.5"- 10.75" 84" 108" n/a n/a
Frame with transom and/or side panel2 90 minute 12.5" 96" 96" 144" 136"
Single swing frame with glazed transom3 45 minute 12.5" 48" 120" 56" 154"
Frame with glazed transom and/or side lights3 4 45 minute 12.5" 96" 120" 162"5 / 154"6 144"5 / 136"6
Frame with glazed transom and/or side lights7 20 minute-no hose stream 12.5" 96" 120" 158" 139"
Borrowed light8 45 minute 12.5" n/a n/a 144" 136"
Borrowed light9 10 20 minute-no hose stream 12.5" n/a n/a 158" 115"
Angled/Segmented 11 12 45 minute 12.5" 162" 144" n/a n/a
Oversized single swing and standard pairs13 90 minute 13" 120" 144" n/a n/a

NOTE: These fire rating parameters consist of UL and ITS specifications. Consult CFI procedures for specifics.
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