A division of Concept Frames, Inc. that provides complete wood and hollow metal opening repair services, including repair and preparation work on solid plastic, solid phenolic panels, and partitions. We provide evaluation and solutions to door, frame, and hardware problems.

Why replace when most everything can be repaired to maintain durability and aesthetics.

  • More cost effective.
  • Shorter lead time.
  • On site or in house.
  • Fully insured.


Division R Capabilities

  • Wood Doors and Frames, Plastic Laminate, Cabinetry, Solid Plastic and Solid Phenolic Panels, Partitions:
  • Restoration and Re-furbishing
  • Repair nicks, scratches, gouges, and dents (minor and major repair)
  • Color matching
  • Re-handing
  • Rebuilding of preps (crushed mortise pockets, damaged auto flush bolt preps, etc.)
  • Re-location of preps and hardware
  • Re-edge banding
  • Re-stiling/re-railing
  • Re-sizing
  • Humidity testing
  • All prep work including: cylindrical locks, mortise locks, hinge, flush lite kit cut out, concealed auto door bottoms, over head stops, pivots, race ways, etc.
  • Perfect Raceway Certified through Intertek.
  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, Metal Partitions:
  • Welding
  • Damaged doors and frames (dents, forklift damage, etc.)
  • All hollow metal preps
  • Re-location of preps
  • Re-sizing of doors
  • Stainless steel repair and welding
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Hardware reinforcement replacements
  • All prep work including: cylindrical locks, mortise locks, strikes, hinge, glazing, overhead stops, etc.

Repair vs Replace

Don't know if your openings can be repaired or modified?
Are you considering a replacement?
Repair Replace
Re-sizeYesLarger size
Fork lift damageYesNo
Fire RatedPer NFPA 80 Per NFPA 80
If you think it can't be done, think again!

Maintenance Program

The Division R maintenance program offers continual durability and aesthetics to your entire building or office. Our maintenance program specialists will repair everything from your wood doors and frames to cabinetry, paneling, and furniture. We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or as needed programs to ensure your woodwork is in top shape. Please call for pricing.

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